Some frequently asked KMP questions:

1) If you try to analyze your file and get an error message, follow these instructions to find what the source of the problem is:

1a) when pressing "analyze input files", try to analyze one input file at a time (i.e. only tension flow rhythms, and then only tension flow attributes, etc), to find which file causes the error message.

1b) next, to find which line in the problematic input file causes the difficulty, click "edit input files" on the main program screen, to edit your file using notepad. Then, remove the second half of the file and save. Run the program again on the remaining part. If the problem still occurs, then repeat the process, otherwise return to the original file, remove the first half only, and proceed to save and run the program. Continue eliminating parts of the file until you encounter the line which actually causes the error message. Now you can send us an email with the error message you encountered, and the problematic input line in the relevant file.

2) Here are a few examples of illegal ways of entering data which results in such error messages:

2a) Tension Flow Rhythm: If you use an underline (organizer) rhythm, you may specify up to 10 pure rhythms within the one underlined rhythm. If you will try to enter more than 10, you will get an error message.

2b) Tension Flow Attributes: If you enter Neutral flow and not specify at least once, the attributes of the neutral flow (even, high, abrupt etc..), you will get an error message. When calculating the Load Factor, the program divides by zero Neutral actions and crushes.