TBD: the dates are from last year and will be changed.

This page will contain info about the assignments, as they are released. See the schedule for information about when future assignments will be released.

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LaTeX: If you are interested in typesetting your assignments using LaTeX, there are many tutorials and introductions. We will provide some LaTeX files for you to use to write your homeworks.

1 Operational semantics; induction 1 Feb22 Feb
2 Denotational semantics; Fixed points; Lambda calculus implementation 22 Feb3 Mar
3 Call-by-need; Encodings; Continuation-passing style translation 8 Mar29 Mar
4 Recursive types; Existential and universal types; Type Inference 29 Mar12 Apr
5 Monad Laws; Lambda-Print; Embedded EthiCS (Optional: Monadic Interpreter) 12 Apr21 Apr
6 Axiomatic Semantics; Logic Programming 19 Apr26 Apr