Extension School

This page contains information specific to Extension School students. Please note that more information will be added to this page, particularly up to and including the first week of classes.


Prerequisites for this course for Extension School students is CSCI E-61 or equivalent. Students should also be very comfortable with programming. Assignments require extensive programming in OCaml; students should either be familiar with OCaml or able to self-study to become familiar with the language.

Add/Drop deadlines

Please see the Extension School calendar for details of registration dates, add/drop dates, etc.


Extension School students are welcome to physically attend lectures, office hours, and section.

Lecture and Section videos

Videos of the lecture and section will be available online.


Projects for Extension School students are the same as for College students, and the same policies apply regarding late days, grading, etc.


Extension School students sit the same exams as College students, i.e., a final exam, no midterm.

Please refer to the Extension School pages on exams for information on requirements for Extension School students taking exams. The final exam will be online; it will not be a proctored exam.

Course Staff and Sections

Extension School students, like other students in the course, should either email or use Piazza for questions on both administrative issues (e.g., grading, late days, exams, and special requests) and course content (e.g., assignments, and course material in general). If your question is related to course administration, please indicate in your email that you are an Extension School student.

Additional questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact the course staff for more information!