CS 152: Programming Languages

Section is held on Mondays, 4pm-5pm in Pierce 209. Section attendance is not required. Sections are recorded but not live-streamed.

The following is a list of the sections that were held, and the topic/problems covered.

Videos of the lecture and section are available here. (Make sure to log in, and look on the left of the page for "Lecture Videos", etc.) The same site also provides live streams for lecture.

Date Topic Practice problems
Mon 9-Feb Inductive proofs.
Tues 17-Feb Denotational semantics and large-step semantics.
Mon 23-Feb Y combinator and CBN and CBV evaluation. Free vs. bound usage occurrences.
Mon 2-Mar Midterm review.
Mon 9-Mar References and continuation-passing style.
Mon 23-Mar Type inference.
Mon 30-Mar Parametric polymorphism, records, subtyping, Curry-howard Isomorphism, Existential types. PDF
Mon 6-Apr Haskell, Algebraic structures, Concurrency, and Type-and-effect systems. PDF
Mon 13-Apr Message passing concurrency, dynamic types, and contracts. PDF
Mon 20-Apr Lambda calculus machines, delimited control. PDF
Mon 27-Apr Control flow analysis, logic programming. PDF
Mon 4-May Functional reactive programming. PDF