Ph.D. graduates from the Hau lab:

We are a lab where we like to move into new areas of the science world - so the graduate students who have graduated from the lab have been courageous students with lots of energy and "fire in the belly", with fresh perspectives and fearlessness.

This is what they are doing now:

Anne Goodsell: Anne is Associate Professor of Physics and Chair, Department of Physics, Middlebury College.

Trygve Ristroph: Trygve rose to become Master Scientist at Agilent Research Labs. In April, 2017 he joined Sila Nanotechnologies, Inc., the battery-materials startup in the Bay Area.

Brian Murphy: Brian is Equity Trader and Member of the Management Committee of Virtu Financial, one of the largest operators in the US equity markets.

Naomi Ginsberg: Naomi is Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and member of Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute.

Christopher Slowe: Chris was part of starting Reddit and is now chief scientist at Hipmunk.

Zachary Dutton: Zac became an NRC Fellow at NIST and is now manager of the Quantum Information Processing (QuIP) group at Raytheon BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA