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Behind the Scenes: Master of the Universe

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Carlsberg Foundation Carlsbergfondets Forskningspris - to millioner til to fremragende forskere
Professor, ph.d. Lene Vestergaard Hau
  October 2011
Aarhus Stifstidende En verdensstjerne vendte hjem til Aarhus   September 10 2011
Aarhus Stifstidende Aarhus er med på vognen   September 10 2011
Aarhus University Lene Hau named 2011 Honorary Alum at Aarhus University.
See details on our website here.
  September 9 2011
Interior and Health Ministry of Denmark The Danish Minister for the Interior and Health, Bertel Haarder, visited our laboratory on October 18, 2010. The minister even managed to slow and stop a light pulse!

From left: The Danish Consul Jacob Friis, Professor
Lene Hau, and Interior and Health Minister Bertel Haarder

  October 22 2010
Harvard University Gazette Lene Hau named World Dane 2010 Michael Patrick Rutter August 30 2010
International Club Copenhagen The "World-Dane of The Year" 2010 was awarded 1/8 2010 by Danes WorldWide at Kronborg,Elsinore. It was Professor Lene Vestergaard Hau, Harvard Univ. Article in Danish.   August 2 2010
Danes Worldwide Lene Vestergaard Hau was named World Dane 2010. Article in Danish: Årets Verdensdansker Lene Vestergaard Hau.   August 1 2010
Berlingske Tidende Lene Vestergaard Hau was named World Dane 2010. Article in Danish: Kvindelig lysgeni er årets verdensdansker   August 1 2010
Jyllands Posten Lene Vestergaard Hau was named World Dane 2010. Article in Danish: Hun er "årets verdensdansker"   August 1 2010
PhysOrg Black-hole like effect in nanotube and the possibility of new matter states Miranda Marquit April 16 2010
Nature Research Highlights Nanotechnology: down the tube Vol. 44, pp. 960 April 15 2010
New Scientist Atom-grabbing 'black hole' created Rachel Courtland April 9 2010
Physics Ionizing atoms with a nanotube David Ehrenstein April 9 2010
Discovery News Nanotube Propels Atoms Into Black-Hole-Like Spiral Tracy Staedter April 8 2010
National Science Foundation News Cold Atoms and Nanotubes Come Together in an Atomic 'Black Hole' April 6 2010
Harvard University Gazette Understanding tiny reactions Steve Bradt April 6 2010
Harvard Science Cold atoms and nanotubes come together Steve Bradt April 6 2010
Department of Defense Lene Hau selected as National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow January 25 2010 Frozen light stays fresh longer December 18 2009
Institute of Physics' Slowed light breaks record

December 15 2009

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Lene Hau elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences


American Academy of Arts and Sciences Link April 20 2009
YLE - Finnish Broadcasting Company Finnish TV Interview, March 14 2009.
Interview on the top news program on the main Finnish TV broadcasting station.

Antti Ämmälä

March 14 2009
Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki newspaper) Front page article in Science Section Jarmo Wallenius March 10 2009
air force United States Air Force Research to improve fiber optics and computing Air Force Link Feb 19 2009
CBC Television Canada "Light" episode on 'Project X' science show, aired on March 6, 2008 and February 22, 2009. Mike Sheerin, Director Mar 6 2008 and Feb 22 2009
History Channel Professor Hau and her laboratory were featured on the History Channel in the program 'Light Speed'. This episode of 'The Universe' premiered on November 25, 2008. The History Channel Nov 25 2008
Harvard University Gazette
Hau awarded prestigious Ledlie:
Occasional prize goes to one who makes ‘the most valuable contribution to science'
Michael Patrick Rutter Sept 25 2008
Jysk Harvard-professor tæmmer lyset Jeanette Ringkøbing Mar 9 2008
PBS Absolute Zero Documentary Aired nationally in the US on January 15 2008 and again in December, 2008. PBS Nova Program. David Dugan, Meredith Burch Jan 15 2008
Harvard University main web site Harvard's "Sights and Sounds of 2007," Light and Matter video Rebecca E. Rollins Jan 2008
Nature Nature editors' 'favourites' for 2007 Nature editors Dec 20 2007
Wired Magazine Harvard Physicist Plays Magician With the Speed of Light Erin Biba Oct 23 2007
Scientific American What Visions in the Dark of Light Marguerite Holloway September 2007
Harvard Magazine Tripping the Light Fantastic   July/August 2007

Irish National Radio

Today with Pat Kenny radio interview after the Statutory Public Lecture at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies   18 May 2007
The Irish Times
Science Today
Nobel prize hopeful to give Dublin lecture. Dick Ahlstrom 10 May 2007


Lystæmmeren Jane Benarroch April 4, 2007
PHYSICS TODAY Physics Update Phillip F. Schewe April, 2007
Laser Focus World Bose-Einstein condensates enable light revival Hassaun Jones-Bey March, 2007
Boston Globe Q&A with Lene Hau Harvey Blume Mar 17, 2007
Nu kan lys flyttes, mens det er slukket Jens Ramskov Feb 25, 2007
Lysents dronning skinner igen   Feb 12, 2007
CNET Wizardry at Harvard: Physicists Move Light Kenneth Chang
(New York Times)
Feb 8, 2007
Wikipedia Lene Hau    
New York Times
Book Review
book review of Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr and the Struggle for the Soul of Science, by David Lindley Janet Maslin Feb 12, 2007
Semana Profesional Corrientes, Argentina Harvard: almacenan un rayo de luz y lo reactivan from La Nacion Feb 9, 2007
Wissenschraft Spektrumdirekt
Lichtpulse im Bose-Einstein-Shuttle   Feb 10, 2007
Des scientifiques réussissent à stocker un rayon de lumière Frédéric Garlan
Feb 7, 2007
The Star
Light show makes a quantum leap The Star (AFP)

Feb 11, 2007

Cosmos Magazine
A trick of the light Cosmos (AFP)

Feb 8, 2007

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Physicists stop light, then restart it (AFP)

Feb 8, 2007

Innovations Report In tiny supercooled clouds, physicists exchange light and matter, Germany Feb 8, 2007
PhysOrg Physicists Unite Light And Matter (Update) PhysOrg Feb 7, 2007
Science, Engineering, and Technology News Scientists Exchange Light and Matter scenta Feb 7, 2007
The A to Z of Materials Harvard Research Could Provide Missing Link in the Control of Optical Information Azom Feb 8, 2007
EurekAlert In tiny supercooled clouds, physicists exchange light and matter EurekAlert! Feb 7, 2007
Exduco Graduate Studies & Schools Directory
Italy, Turkey
Light and matter united - 2007-02-11 William J. Cromie (Harvard Gazette) Feb 11, 2007
Yahoo News Scientists make atoms trip the light fantastic Agence France-Presse (AFP) Feb 7, 2007
La Nacion
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Almacenan un rayo de luz y lo reactivan Agence France-Presse (AFP) Feb 9, 2007
Dagens Nyheter
Nytt ljustrick gör kvantdator möjlig Gunilla Borgefors Feb 11, 2007
Cientistas Armazenam Raio de Luz e o Reiniciam à Distância Frédéric Garlan
Feb 8, 2007
Cientistas dão 'nó' em pingo de luz nos EUA Salvador Nogueira Feb 8, 2007
Das Kaninchen der Quantenmechanik Matthias Gräbner Feb 8, 2007 Light Changed to Matter, Then Stopped and Moved   Feb 8, 2007
The Sydney Morning Herald Australia Scientists see the light then make it disappear Deborah Smith Feb 8, 2007
Harvard Crimson Profs Perform Atomical 'Magic' Lawrence R. Valverde Feb 12, 2007
Daily Telegraph, London, UK Quantum quirk heralds new generation of supercomputer Roger Highfield Feb 7, 2007
New Scientist Atoms function as light-trappers and transporters Tom Simonite Feb 7, 2007
Cool clouds turn light to matter   Feb 8, 2007
Physics Institute, UK
Storing light here -- and retrieving it there Jon Cartwright Feb 7, 2007
Scientfic American Quantum Quirk: Stopped Laser Pulse Reappears a Short Distance Away JR Minkel Feb 7, 2007
New York Times Wizardry at Harvard: Physicists Move Light Kenneth Chang Feb 8, 2007
National Public Radio
Working With Light -- 'Talk of the Nation: Science Friday' interview and call-in broadcast hosted by Ira Flatow Feb 9, 2007
Harvard Press Release In tiny supercooled clouds, physicists exchange light and matter Harvard University,
Steve Bradt
Feb 7, 2007
Harvard Video Stream Light and matter video Rebecca E. Rollins  
Harvard News Office Light and matter united William J. Cromie Feb 7, 2007
Nature Podcast Transporting light pulses    
Nature Video Stream Trick of the light    
Nature Online News Turning light into matter Philip Ball Feb 7, 2007
APS News Our work on complex hybrid structures was selected for "Physics News in 2005".   Feb 2006
Science United Science United

“Den gåtfulla ljusfällan” (the mysterious light trap) was a full program dedicated to our research. It aired on the main Swedish TV channel on December 4, 2005 and has been shown several times since in Sweden and other countries. A few clips from the program can be seen here (click on picture of Lene Hau biking and racing against the light pulse)::

Swedish TV


Producer: Lotta Skoglund;
Camera and photo: Niclas Jensen;
Graphics: Andreas Szegö and Jacob Seth-Fransson;
Editing: Jorge Argento
December 4, 2005
PBS Audio interview featured in Nova's "Einstein's Big Ideas." Clip available online:   June 2005
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Nature Hybrid Structures work featured in BEC 10th anniversary article. Karen Fox March 24 2005
The Physics Teacher Recipient of the 2004 Richtmyer Memorial Award by the American Association of Physics Teachers. "Richtmyer Award Citation" Chris Chiaverina May, 2004
NASA Press release "Frozen Light: Cool NASA Research Holds Promise" .   May 21 2003
  Annals of Improbable Research Lene Hau's "nanolecture" at the Ignobel Prize ceremony hosted by the Annals of Improbable Research.   2003
Physics Central
American Physical Society
Article on Lene Hau and her slow light research, on the Physics Central website.   2002
Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica entry: Lene Vestergaard Hau.    
Harvard Gazette Hau Wins MacArthur. William J. Cromie Oct 25 2001


Lene Hau professor pa Harvard. Site is entirely in Danish.   Nov 15 1999
New York Times "Lene Vestergaard Hau: She Puts the Brakes on Light". Subscription required for the New York Times Web Site. Search for: Hau and "Speed of light". Malcolm W. Browne Mar 30 1999
Newsweek Going Faster Than Light?
Roger Adams Mar 1 1999
CNN Researchers use super-cool goo to dramatically slow speed of light. CNN Interactive. . Bill Delaney Feb 19 1999
ABC News Scientists slow down speed of light: scientists reduce speed of light to a crawl. Tom Kirchofer Feb 19 1999
BBC News Light Stopped in its tracks. BBC News (January 18, 2001). This is a RealAudio clip from the broadcast on February 18, 1999. Click on "Speed of Light". David Whitehouse Feb 18 1999
New York Times In a major breakthrough, Danish physicist slows the speed of light. New York Times frontpage article A1, A17. Malcolm W. Browne Feb 18 1999
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