Misc downloads:
(if you download and use one of these, I'd be happy to hear about it...)

Kestenberg Movement Profile Analysis Program, by Nava Lotan and Eli Tziperman.

A Matlab program for the ENSO delay oscillator model of Tziperman et al 1994.

A FORTRAN program and a Matlab program for the ENSO delay oscillator model of Galanti and Tziperman 2000.

The FORTRAN and Matlab code for the study of ENSO period based on UFOs of a simple delay oscillator model for the work of Eccles and Tziperman 2004.

The adjoint to the Bryan-Cox model, developed by Long, Thacker and Hwang from Miami and used, for example, by Tziperman et al 1992 or Sirkes et al 1996.

The 8-box Sea Ice Switch model of Gildor and Tziperman, 2001.

The simpler Sea Ice Switch model of Tziperman and Gildor, 2002.

The Kaspi-etal code: MacAyeal-like Heinrich event model, coupled to an ocean-atmosphere box model and showing a triple sea ice state climate response to Heinrich events. Demonstrating how sea ice can significantly amplify the climate response to a weak THC signal.

Several simple thermohaline box models used for different studies here.

Then there are also the patches prepared by Ping Chang allowing to run GFDL's MOM3 model on a DEC/Compaq/HP alpha server.

Glacial geochemistry blues: a Matlab program for the (geo)chemically challenged (like myself).

A coupled wind driven circulation-thermohaline circulation model based on Pasquero and Tziperman (2004): tar file with FORTRAN code.

A simple barotropic/ reduced gravity 1.5 layers QG model: tar file with FORTRAN code .

Data for the characteristics of observed Westerly Wind Bursts (WWBs) from Tziperman and Yu (2007); the Matlab code, data and output for this work are here (140Mb).

A FORTRAN program and some scripts for converting the community atmospheric model (CAM 3.1) netcdf output files into the intermediate format of the cloud resolving model, WRF. For using the output of CAM as boundary conditions and initial conditions for WRF.

A FORTRAN code for the Abbot and Tziperman (2008, QJRS) box model study of a convective cloud feedback and Eocene Climate.

A Matlab code for the "Pacing glacial cycles" Tziperman et al (2006) paper about the phase locking of glacial cycles.

A Matlab code for studying the non normal growth of THC (MOC) anomalies in the GFDL coupled GCM using linear inverse modeling, for the paper by Tziperman, Zanna and Penland (2008).

A Matlab code for Rossby wave ray tracing written by Jeff Shaman (with some errors introduced by ET), used for example in Shaman and Tziperman (2005).

A Code for Linear Barotropic Vorticity Equation (LBVE) written by Jeff Shaman, and used for example in Shaman and Tziperman (2007).

A Matlab code for simulating Neanderthal population for Ofer Bar Yosef

A Matlab code for paper on biologically induced snowball initiation, Tziperman et al (2011).

A Matlab code for paper on snowball two dimensional ice flow over the ocean, Tziperman et al (2012).

Code and scripts for a coupled ice flow model and ocean general circulation model (MITgcm) under a snowball ice cover, used for studying snowball ocean circulation in Ashkenazy et al (2013).

A Matlab code for calculating transfer functions, see MacMynowski and Tziperman (2010).

Supplementary information for: "The evolution of scaling laws in the sea ice floe size distribution", Horvat and Tziperman (2017).

Code and other information for: "Understanding melting due to ocean eddy heat fluxes at the edge of sea-ice floes", Horvat and Tziperman (2018).

Europa ice flow model code for: Ashkenazy, Sayag and Tziperman (2017).

MJO-SSW teleconnection model code for: Kang and Tziperman (2017).

Clustering-based seasonal forecasting approach: European and middle-east precipitation documentation and python code for: Totz Tziperman, Coumou, Pfeiffer and Cohen (2017); and an improved version of the forecasting approach: documentation and python code for: Cohen, Coumou, Mackey, Totz and Tziperman (2018)

Neural Network Matlab code and data for Eshel, Dayalu, Wofsy, Munger and Tziperman, 2018, "Listening to the forest: An artificial neural network-based model of carbon uptake at Harvard Forest".

Analyzing warm climate (e.g., Pliocene) upwelling-favorable wind events code and model input for Zhiyuan Li, Yangcheng Luo, Nathan Arnold, and Eli Tziperman, "Reductions in strong upwelling-favorable wind events in the Pliocene", 2019.

Arctic air suppression in an atmospheric GCM: code, model inputs, plotting scripts for Hu, Cronin, Tziperman, "Suppression of cold weather events over high latitude continents in warm climates", 2018.

Plotting the atmospheric meridional overturning stream function (Hadley cell) from output of the Community Atmospheric Model (CAM / CESM) using a python equivalent of the NCL zonal_mpsi command. here.

Code and scripts for running PISM for simulating the Laurentide ice sheet for Ji, Robel, Tziperman and Yang: Laurentide ice saddle merges drive rapid sea level drops during glaciation. Geophysical Research Letters (2021). here.

Code and data for examining the World Weather Attribution Project methodology: Sherman, Huybers and Tziperman 2023. here.