Kestenberg Movement Profile Analysis Program
Version 0.5, 1997

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This page allows the downloading of the KMP analysis program for windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP. The program may then be run on under Windows only.  Although we have made every effort to test it, this program comes with absolutely no warranty.

Improvements since version 0.3
Several minor bugs in the printout under the TFR diagram and in the information printed into the output file were fixed. Difficulties in running the previous version of the program under different screen resolutions should be eliminated now. The full detailed statistics that is plotted in the KMP diagrams is now also printed to the output files and may be analyzed using spreadsheet programs such as Excel for Windows. This version of the KMP analysis program runs only under windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP.

To download the software
In Netscape, click on the link below with the right mouse button and then choose the option "save link as".
Click on each of the following link with the left mouse button (or the only button you have...), while holding the Shift key down

To install and run the software:
(1) The software comes in a self-extracting compressed archive file: kmp05dist.exe. After downloading, put the file somewhere on your hard disk e.g. C:\Windows\Temp\kmp05dist.exe

(2) Double click on the file in the windows navigator (windows file manager), to extract the files that are in the above distribution archive file. This creates a temporary directory with the KMP setup program, e.g. C:\Windows\Temp\kmpdist\

(3) In the Windows file manager, click on the file SETUP.EXE in the kmpdist\ directory. This will set up your KMP program automatically in a directory called c:\Program Files\KMP\. The setup program will also create a program item under the Windows START menu, that will allow to run the KMP analysis program by clicking on its icon.

(4) After the installation is complete, you don't need the files kmp05dist.exe file and the files in directory kmpdist\ and they may all be deleted.

To run, in Windows, Use the file manager to go to the C:\Program Files\KMP directory, and double click on KMP.EXE.
Alternatively, click on the KMP icon that was created under the STRAT menu.

Possible problems and solutions
A copy of the online help of the KMP analysis program is available here.

If when printing the KMP diagrams using the [Print Diagrams] button, you get error msgs and the letters under and on the sides of the diagrams are too large or not in the same proportion as on the screen: report to us, and try a PostScript printer in the meanwhile...

For more information,
questions or just feedback, write to:
Nava Lotan,

Good luck!