Kestenberg Movement Profile Analysis Program
Nava Lotan and Eli Tziperman

What is it?

The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) is a sophisticated and well developed movement analysis method and theory. The method was developed by Dr. Judith Kestenberg, a psychoanalyst from NYU, over the past 40 years (see here for some references that explain the KMP in detail). However, the method requires somewhat time consuming calculations which may have prevented many people from using it in spite of its many benefits. The software given here is meant to drastically simplify the use of the KMP.

The Kestenberg Movement Profile Analysis Program allows to complete a KMP analysis and to plot the eight KMP diagrams using the mouse only, without any typing or hand calculations of KMP statistics and diagnostics. This is a Windows software which is completely mouse-driven, reasonably user friendly and includes an on-line help. The program is freely distributed and may be downloaded below.

This is the main screen of the Kestenberg Movement Profile Analysis Program. Click on this image or here (50K image) to see an additional screen allowing to enter Tension Flow Rhythms KMP data using the mouse. Click here to see the eight KMP diagrams that can be easily created and plotted using this program.

Although we have made every effort to test it, this program comes with absolutely no warranty.

The latest version, tested on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP (version 0.5) is available here. We are told it may be possible to run the program on a Mac using the crossover or WineBottler programs but did not test this.

A list of frequently asked questions, and how to diagnose problems encountered when using this program. Please check here before writing us.

For more information, write to:
Nava Lotan,

Many thanks to those who tested the program, made many useful suggestions, and helped us find errors and improve it...

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