CS 252r: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.

Lec. Date Topic Notes/Readings
1Thu 3-Sep Introduction slides
Background on Program Analysis
2Tue 8-Sep Data-flow analysis slides
3Thu 10-Sep Interprocedural analysis slides
4Tue 15-Sep Pointer analysis slides
  • Pointer Analysis. Smaragdakis and Balatsouras. Foundations and Trends in Programming Languages 2(1), 2015.
Thu 17-Sep New England Security Day
at Umass Amherst
5Tue 22-Sep Abstract interpretation I slides
6Thu 24-Sep Abstract interpretation II slides
7Tue 29-Sep Symbolic Execution Project proposals due.
8Thu 1-Oct Dynamic analysis slides
Research papers
9Tue 6-Oct Abstract interpretation
10Thu 8-Oct Abstract interpretation
11Tue 13-Oct Research Workshop
12Thu 15-Oct Concrete and Abstract
13Tue 20-Oct Research Workshop
14Thu 22-Oct Abstract interpretation and control flow Rebecca and Tomo
15Tue 27-Oct Application checkpointing Daniel, Nathan, Duligur, and Eric
16Thu 29-Oct Hard language features (including reflection) Lucas (Steve away)
17Tue 3-Nov Research Workshop
18Thu 5-Nov Interprocedural analysis
19Tue 10-Nov New England Programming Languages Symposium
at Tufts
Wed 11-Nov PL Seminar, Matt Might, 4pm in MD 323
20Thu 12-Nov Interprocedural analysis
21Tue 17-Nov Research Workshop
22Thu 19-Nov Pointer analysis (Steve away)
23Tue 24-Nov Sparse dataflow
Thanksgiving Recess
24Tue 1-Dec Library analysis
25Thu 3-Dec Project presentations 9 minute presentations plus 3 minutes for questions
  1. Daniel, Duligur, Eric, and Nathan
  2. David
  3. Josh and Ramya
  4. Kevin and Thomas
  5. Rebecca and Tomo
  6. Robbie
Wed 9-Dec Final projects due.