John W. Hutchinson

Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Engineering Emeritus;



     B.S.: 1960, Engineering Mechanics, Lehigh University
     Ph.D.: 1963, Mechanical Engineering, Harvard University

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     Address:      School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

                  29 Oxford Street,
                  Pierce 100E
Cambridge, MA 02138

     Phone:         (617) 495-2848
     Fax:             (617) 495-9837


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Academic Interests

Solid Mechanics

Professor Hutchinson has now begun emeritus status at Harvard. He is no longer taking on new graduate students, post-docs or summer interns.

Professor Hutchinson and his collaborators work on problems in solid mechanics concerned with engineering materials and structures. Buckling and structural stability, elasticity, plasticity, fracture and micromechanics are all relevant in their research. Examples of on going research activites are efforts to extend plasticity theory to small scales, the development of a mechanics framework for assessing thermal barrier coatings, ductile fractrue mechanics, and instability modes in soft materials

Strong size effects come into play at the micron scale in the plastic deformation of metals. The effect is tantamount to increased strength at smaller scales; smaller is stronger. The phenomenon derives from the generation of higher densities of dislocations when strain gradients occur at small scales. It has great importance for micron scale metal structures such as thin films and MEMS devices and for fracture phenomena occuring at small scales. Conventional plasticity theory does not contain any size effect, and the effort of Professor Hutchinson and his collaborators is directed at the formulation of a physically correct continuum theory that encompasses a size effect. Efforts are underway to analyse new experimental data, to make contact with dislocation modeling, and to apply the theory to problems of technological importance.

Ceramic thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are now widely used in aircraft and power generation turbines to shield engine blades and other metal components from high temperatures. A new generation of engines will exploit these coatings to enable even higher operating temperatures. The technological challenge is to enhance the lifetime of the coatings under these more severe operating conditions. The durability of the coatings is limited by their tendency to delaminate and spall. There is a host of mechanics problems and issues that need to be understood related to the performance of the coatings. The effort involves collaboration with a larger community of engineers and material scientists who are actively exploring all aspects of TBCs.

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Selected Publications with PDF Links

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